OneSciencePlace - By the Science Gateways Community Institute

OneSciencePlace® is a content centric and composable online platform to transform delivery of FAIR content and computing in a single and easy to use environment. OneSciencePlace® speeds up cyberinfrastructure delivery, accelerates community building, aids in impact measurement at a fractional cost.

Be an adopter

  • Rapidly deliver a small/large gateway, HPC portal or a custom solution 
  • Integrate multiple computing resources (local, remote and cloud) from a single environment
  • Maximize impact and minimize total cost of ownership

Enable your users to 

  • Bring, run and share science apps easily from a web-browser
  • Publish FAIR content such as apps, data, articles, etc.
  • Collaborate, use and reuse apps, data, and pages in a single environment



Key benefits for adopters
Reach us to discuss your project and platform demonstration.