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Midwest Mathematics and Climate Conference

The conference is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, the Office of Research,College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Mathematics, Department of Geography/Atmospheric Science Program, and The Commons at the University of Kan…
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NSF's Science Nation Video on David Holland's field work in Greenland MCRN member and founding principal investigator David Holland was featured in the NSF's Science Nation video, titled, "Mathematician uses skills to study Greenland's retreating glaciers," on Septembe…
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Complex Phytoplankton Dynamics: The Mathematical Perspective

Bibliography by Arjen Doelman and Antonios Zagaris to accompany tutorial lecture on Phytoplankton-Nutrient Modeling at the 2011 MBI Workshop on Ocean Ecologies and their Physical Habitats in a Changing Climate and the follow-on lectures on Phytoplankton growth in oligotrophic oceans: Linear theory b…
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