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Complex Energy Systems

This is the opening guest lecture for the Electric Grid Focus Group. Dr. Michael Chertkov of Los Alamos National Lab describes the statistical and mathematical problems arising in complex energy systems, including the electric grid and gas networks. Systems with high penetration of renewable energy …
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The role of donkeys in the commodity supply of a central Malian town

Daily and seasonal activity patterns of donkeys were collected over a 9 month period in Niono, a government administrative centre and the commercial headquarters of a large parastatal irrigation scheme. The numbers of transport animals entering the town were noted, as were the species (donkey, horse…
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Effect of dietary fibre type on physical activity and behaviour in kennelled dogs

Dog diets may differ in their effectiveness of maintaining satiety after a meal. Consequently, sensations of hunger, feeding motivation, physical activity, and sensitivity to environmental stressors may be increased. Dietary fibre may be effective in prolonging postprandial satiety depending on type…
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The effect of caloric restriction on the behavior of pen-housed dogs: Transition from restriction to maintenance diets and long-term effects

39 dogs were assigned to 4 treatment groups for weight loss. Breed, sex and initial body condition were similar across groups. Treatments included 0, 25, 40 or 50% energy restriction, based on calculated maintenance energy requirements for the dog's estimated ideal body weight. True maintenance ener…
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Foraging in a heterogeneous environment - an experimental study of the trade-off between intake rate and diet quality

Among the factors determining the choice of feeding sites by herbivores, the rate of intake of net energy and nutrients is a major one. For grazers, patches of tall grasses are ingested faster, but are digested less fully because of their high fibre contents; conversely, short grass is highly digest…
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Behavioural and adrenocortical responses of dairy cows toward novel food: effects of food deprivation, milking frequency and energy density in the daily ration

Effects of metabolic load and 12 h of food deprivation on the behavioural and physiological responses toward novel food were examined in dairy cows provided with 4 kg of carrots as novel food and observed using video for the initial 10 min. In Experiment I, effects of 12 h of food deprivation were t…
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Feeding behaviour of outdoor sows: the effects of diet quantity and type

To investigate the consequences of group feeding out-doors, 6 groups of 6 pregnant sows were subject to 3 feeding treatments in a replicated Latin square design, with 2-week periods. A concentrate diet, in the form of rolls of 16 mm diameter, was fed once daily on the ground in a 12-m feed line, wit…
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An investigation into the effect of different protein and energy intakes on model tail chewing behaviour of growing pigs

Twenty-four crossbred pigs were housed individually and allocated at 62 kg (S.E.M.=0.81) to one of three diets providing differing daily protein and energy intakes: control (C) 1.42 g CP/MJ DE, fed to provide 2.85 maintenance energy; low protein (LP) 0.76 g CP/MJ DE fed to provide the same daily ene…
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Cross-sucking and gradual weaning of dairy calves

To examine the effect of gradually weaning calves off milk on cross-sucking, and the relationship between cross-sucking and energy intake, 32 Holstein calves were housed in groups of four and allowed 12 L/d of milk until the process of weaning began. The process of weaning was either abrupt at 41 d …
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Mother-offspring conflict in captive plains zebra ( Equus burchellii ): suckling bout duration

Recently, a lack of any significant relationship between suckling bout duration and milk or energy intake has been revealed in several mammal species. However, a short suckling bout duration could be taken as an indicator of shortage of milk and lack of maternal care, and could therefore be used to …
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Preferences of sheep grazing down conterminal monocultures of Lolium perenne-Festuca arundinacea : test of an energy intake rate maximisation hypothesis using the short-term double weighing technique

We tested an energy intake rate maximisation hypothesis to predict preferences. In experiment 1, five groups of INRA401 dry ewes (G1-G5) grazed down conterminal monocultures of Lolium perenne (L)-Festuca arundinacea (F), 0.50:0.50 by area, at a stocking rate of 92 ewes ha-1. Both plant species were …
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Feeding behaviour and daily energy expenditure of domesticated budgerigars ( Melopsittacus undulatus ): influence of type of housing and vertical position of the feeder

Obesity is a common health problem in captive budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus). The welfare of budgerigars would be increased in a housing system limiting obesity. The aim of this study was to measure the influence of 3 different housing types on feeding behaviour and energy balance. Fifty-four…
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Sheep select combinations of high and low sodium chloride, energy and crude protein feed that improve their diet

A major limitation of saltland pasture systems is the high sodium chloride content of the forage and the physiological implications of this for the grazing animal. Incorporating low salt alternatives has been found to improve livestock performance from high salt feeds. The aim of this study was to i…
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Postingestive feedback from starch influences the ingestive behaviour of sheep consuming wheat straw

Plant species present a complex array of biochemicals to herbivores that in conjunction with a plant's physical structure influence intake. The role of postingestive feedback from macronutrients on the ingestion of a low-quality forage by sheep was investigated. The ingestive behaviour of 2 groups o…
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Renewable resources and the idea of nature - what has biotechnology got to do with it?

The notion that the idea of nature is not quite the unbiased rule to design sustainable futures is obvious. But, nevertheless, questions about nature, how it functions and what it might aim at, is leading the controversial debates about both sustainability and biotechnology. These two research areas…
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Ethical issues related to food sector evolution in developing countries: about sustainability and equity. (Special issue: Food safety, food quality and food ethics. Selected papers from the 3rd Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Fo

After a century of major technical advance, essentially achieved by and for the industrialized countries, the evolution of the food sector in southern countries should no longer be thought of in terms of a "headlong pursuit." In the present context of demographic growth, urbanization, poverty and di…
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Bioethics of fish production: energy and the environment

Worldwide, approximately 95 million metric tons of fishery products are harvested from marine and freshwater habitats. A major problem in fisheries around the world is the bioethics of overfishing. A wide range of management techniques exists for fishery, managers and policy-makers to improve fisher…
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Feed restriction and tubes for environmental enrichment in growing mink - consequences for behaviour and welfare

This experiment compared the behaviour of mink during two different feeding routines; slightly restrictive ('food free period' of 6 h) or standard ('food free period' of 2 h), respectively, and the mink's use of two different types of occupational material; an attached tube made of wire mesh and a s…
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