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The loss of funding or end of a grant can have adverse impacts on a research community. OneSciencePlace® gives your research community life beyond a funding cycle. OneSciencePlace is a preserve for research communities, databases, software applications, and publications. Users of OneSciencePlace can join one community or partner with multiple communities to share data across disciplines.

Your science gateway or active learning community can move into OneSciencePlace by writing OneSciencePlace into your current funding budget as your sustainability solution. With OneSciencePlace, you gain access to community spaces where you can discuss amongst your peers, download open access data, publish new discoveries, run simulations, along with other amenities such as connection to Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, Slack, DataCite, ORCID, and many more. To learn more about your community joining OneSciencePlace, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OneSciencePlace is built by the team that brought you the HUBzero platform, a powerful content management system built to support scientific activities, and operated by the HUBzero Foundation.


What is OneSciencePlace?

OneSciencePlace is built by the HUBzero team, and operated by the HUBzero Foundation. Since 1992, the HUBzero platform and team have supported 38 no hassle hubs, 15 foundation members, and provided our open source platform for research projects around the world, servicing over 2.6 million users in total. Drawing upon this experience, the HUBzero team understands the need for research and collaboration to extend past expected financial budgeting. Which is why we developed a space for research communities to thrive long past grant funding, with OneSciencePlace.

OneSciencePlace is a residence for research communities to thrive past their current funding. OneSciencePlace houses various resources from all sciences. These resources come from contributors from different scientific communities, and are used by visitors from all over the world.


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